Get Home - Emergency Services

If you have recently experienced a medical emergency, Whole Home offers a range of services that will allow you to come home and heal faster.

Whole Home’s emergency services put into place the essentials for you to return home following a medical event.  Simply getting in the house and using the bathroom are often challenging tasks facing a person and their caregiver.  Whole Home’s professional installers are ready with the products to get you home.   In most cases,  Whole Home’s emergency services can be performed within 48 hours of you contacting us.

Products to Keep You Safe

(both rental and purchase options)
  • Grab bar installations
  • Handrail installations
  • Ramp and Stair Lift Installations
  • Minor Bathroom Modifications

Here in your time of need

Our emergency services are provided to help you in your time of need, but we don’t stop there. If your needs evolve, we are there to provide long-term solutions.


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