Innovation Center

A community resource offering educational services designed to keep people healthy and safe in their homes.

Introducing People Working Cooperatively’s Whole Home Innovation Center

Building upon PWC’s 44 years of experience repairing homes, the Whole Home Innovation Center is a first-of-its-kind space, focused on health, home, and how the two intersect under one roof. The Innovation Center focuses on the relationship between our homes and our health, and the simple changes you can make over the course of your home’s life that make a difference for your family.

The Innovation Center features a variety of mobile displays that educate visitors on safety products, allows trial of items like pull-down cabinets and slip-resistant coatings, space for groups, and classes featuring guest lecturers, evidence-based training, and hands-on learning experiences.

Our community is growing older and more families are living with health challenges. Helping people stay safe and healthy at home is an important, urgent and growing need. The Innovation Center educates individuals and professionals on how the home environment impacts overall wellness. Building on deep knowledge and partnerships, we created a community resource model to serve citizens at all ages and income levels. WHIC is a convening space where interested parties work together, sharing information and ideas through educational workshops, interactive demonstrations and more.

For Individuals

The Innovation Center aims to educate families and professionals on how the home environment affects health. Featured topics and classes offered through the Center will range from asthma awareness, fall prevention, to design for individuals with mobility limitations and childproofing.

For Professionals

The Innovation Center will be a learning resource for professional groups such as realtors, construction companies, nurses and healthcare professionals, in need of continuing education programming.


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