Ramp Rentals & Installations

Ramp Rentals

Our ramp rental program offers solutions for your home access difficulties. If you are experiencing a short term disability, recovering from a recent medical event, having a disabled visitor to your house, or unsure about how long you might need a ramp then a rental option may be best for you. Pricing is affordable and if the ramp is needed on a permanent basis we will credit a portion of rental payments toward the purchase of the ramp. All of our rental wheelchair ramps are high quality EZ-Access aluminum modular systems allowing for quick installations and easy removal. These ramps are installed by trained technicians ensuring that your installation is safe and works perfectly for your needs. Whole Home maintains a large stock of ramps specifically for rental allowing us to respond to your needs quickly. Is a ramp rental right for you? Click here to read our blog post with more information.


Permanent Ramps  

Whole Home builds and installs a wide variety of ramp systems including aluminum modular systems, wood ramps, concrete. Depending on your aesthetic, budget, or need, Whole Home can help design and build the right solution for you. Installations follow all building codes, ensuring your project is of the highest quality. Need help figuring out what type of ramp works best for you and your home? Check out our Resource Blog post Ramps: Selecting the Right Model for You.


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