We have aging parents, like many people do, and we were forced recently to make the decision to move my older in-laws into a senior living center. It just got us thinking about our new ranch home – We were very aware of specific things we wanted in this new home. When working with our builder we thought, okay garden tub looks nice and we added it to our master bathroom. We discovered that it was not functional. I had a knee replacement and it was not working for us. As we looked to redesign our space , the team at Whole Home talked us through everything. They installed a barrier free shower, added much needed storage, They showed us grab bars that look like towel bars, extra lighting, particularly as you enter the bathroom itself in a larger vent fan to take the moisture out of the bathroom.

Now we have a bathroom that looks beautiful and functional. There is not need to choose between beauty and function. Whole Home delivers both!

Kathy and Al SchroderMilford

Emmary Rader and his wife Sherry have been living in their Monfort Heights home for the last 15 years. After being diagnosed with Leukemia several years ago, Emmary’s weakened immune system has made him very susceptible to upper respiratory infections. On average, he has three respiratory infections a year which were usually worse in the winter. It was not until the couple attended a TriHealth Senior Wellness Class and heard a presentation by a PWC Whole Home expert on home safety and air quality that they realized their home may be affecting Emmary’s health.

The Rader’s reached out to PWC and was referred to our Whole Home program. Our expert technicians were able to perform a “Healthy Homes Assessment” and found that the Rader’s home was lacking proper air ventilation and had high levels of humidity. From there, Whole Home’s team of BPI (Building Performance Institute) professionals made corrections to their ventilation system following the American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) – home ventilation guidelines in the Rader’s upstairs bathroom. Within just a few days, the couple noticed considerable difference in Emmary’s health.

Emmary & Sherry Rader

My sweet in-laws have faced barriers in their home and needed quality home modifications. With Whole Home Modifications , they have been able to live independently in their home, in a modified environment that meets their needs as they move through stages of life. Also, I hired Whole Home to install a grab bar in my first floor bathroom, as well as a handrail so that my home would be more welcoming and visitable to friends and family who come over, as well as for the safety of my own family.

Stephanie LambersM.ED.,OTR/L,Trihealth Community Benefit/Special Projects Consultant

It’s amazing how we often look at older folks and wonder how they get around. That is until a surgery makes you one of those folks that you wonder how you’ll get around. I had foot surgery and unfortunately my surgeon did not send anyone out to my house to determine what restrictions I would have and how I would get in and out of my house. I knew I wouldn’t be able to put pressure on my foot for several months so I knew where I was going to have to live had a large step to get into. I knew I didn’t have the upper body strength to use crutches to get in, so I called Whole Home. They came out and figured out where they could install a ramp that I could rent for as long as I needed it. It was the perfect solution!

I was able to use a knee roller after my surgery and it was easy to roll right into my apartment. I don’t know how many times I would have fallen trying to get in using crutches. They were prompt in getting in and equally prompt removing it when I no longer needed it. I can’t thank Whole Home enough for helping me out in this situation. They helped me and they can help you prepare your home for when you will eventually need assistance getting around safely in your home. They are experts so give them a call!

S.O. Terrace Park

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